The Dark Descent is a game that we made for the course EWI3620TU Minorproject ‘Software design & application’. In a team of 5 people, with only 3 months of programming experience, we were able to create a fully playable game in just 3 months time. The game is built in Unity3D, but all assets were created by ourselves.

The Dark Descent is a twin-stick rogue-like dungeon explorer. You are a wizard in a soon-to-be-ending world and you must descend the dungeons to light up the core of the planet to save the world. To advance to the next dungeon, you must first collect all the keys on the floor. However, dangers are lurking in the depths. Multiple different kind of enemies can be encountered on the journey, as well as challenging puzzles that need to be solved before resuming. But, beware of the torch burning out! The torch is the most important thing that you carry, because its light will shed light on your surroundings. Taking damage from mobs will cause the torch to burn out faster, but luckily torch fuel can be found, as well as nifty items that will help defeating the monsters. Also new spells can be found, each granting a unique way of dealing damage to the critters. Last but not least, you may choose a companion that helps you through the darkness. You need all the help you can get, because you are the last living wizard that can save the world from an eternity of darkness.

The Dark Descent features:

  • Local co-op multiplayer up to 4 players
  • 2 Game modes: The main mode of descending the dungeons and an arena mode, in which you need to stay alive for as long as possible
  • A store in which you can spend your gold on new pets and fancy skins
  • Randomly generated dungeons at each descend
  • 4 enemy types, 10 puzzle rooms, 5 pets, 8 skins, 8 spells. (!)
  • Beautifully modelled characters, including animations
  • Keyboard AND controller support
Check out some gameplay in these videos

The game is available for Windows and MacOS and can be downloaded HERE (260MB).

A presentation with some features of the game can be found below.