Langton's Ant Simulator

Made by Tom den Ottelander

Enlarging grid. This may take some seconds.

Grid enlargement maximum reached. Ending simulation

Moves per update: 1

Delay per update: 0

Counter: 0

Actions for hexagonal grid:

Interesting patterns for hexagonal grid walk

Actions for squared grid:

Interesting patterns for squared grid walk


Langton's ant is a simulation of a cellular automaton. The ant walks on the grid. Each time he enters a cell, its direction is adjusted according to the pattern and the level of the cell. All cells start with level 0. The level of the cell is incremented each time the ant passes the cell. The level is cyclic, which means that if the ant passes a cell for the (n+1)-th time (with n being the length of the pattern), the level becomes 0 again. This simulator features a squared grid and a hexagonal grid, with 4 and 6 possible pattern actions respectively. The syntax for the actions is as follows:

Actions for the squared grid:

Actions for the hexagonal grid:


With the top two buttons you can select between the squared grid and the hexagonal grid. Use the Start-button to start, pause and continue the simulation. With Move you can manually move the ant around. You can enter your own patterns and confirm them using the Input pattern-button. Click on the pre-specified patterns to load an interesting pattern.