Middelbare onderwijs:

Walburg College (2007 – 2013)
Tweetalig onderwijs in VWO 1-3
Profiel Natuur en Techniek

Hoger onderwijs:

Bachelor Industrial Design Engineering – TU Delft (2013-2017)
– Minor Software Ontwerpen & Toepassen in 2016, voor eindproject zie link
– Sport App gemaakt bij het vak Software
– Bachelor Eindproject in 2017 afgesloten met eindcijfer 9, voor verslag zie link

Schakeljaar Computer Science – TU Delft (2017-2018)

Master Computer Science – TU Delft (2018-now)

Bachelor Industrial Design Engineering – Highlights

Elective – Software

In this course we learned how to build an android application in Java with Android Studio. The application is intended for amateur sports teams to keep track of match statistics and for communication between players and coaches. Code can be found on Github

The Dark Descent Logo

Minor – Software Design & Application

In a multi-disciplinary group of 5 TU Delft students we created an adventure game called The Dark Descent in Unity3D in just 4 months. We were especially amazed of the result, knowing that we had only learned programming some months before. We can proudly say that we finished this project with grade 9, allowing us to display our game in the Science Centre museum on the campus in Delft. For more information, follow this link.

The Scentient

Bachelor End Project (BEP)

My graduation project of the Bachelor IDE concerned designing for a company that sells products for visitors of high-end hotels. This challenge required satisfying all stakeholders, while aiming for novelty and creativity. The Scentient, a scent-diffuser, can be used for both relaxing and being productive in the hotelroom by selecting the corresponding relaxing or activating scents. A project (graded with a 9) that I, a graduated BSc of Science, can proudly share. For the final report, follow this link.