For the Bachelor’s End Project (of the bachelor Industrial Design Engineering), we had to design a product for Bentley, a company that produces and sells utility products for hotel rooms. During this 10-week project I designed the Scentient, a scent diffuser with a luxurious appearance that is designed to be safe for the hotel guest and lucrative for Bentley when they can set up a continuous revenue stream by selling the additional scent cartridges. Additionally, the Scentient can be used in two modes: one scent activates the user to be productive, while the other enables the user to relax.

The Scentient
The Scentient - Render
The Scentient 3D Print
The Scentient - 3D printed model

Below you can find the poster for the final design of the Scentient.

The final report for the Bachelor’s End Project can be found below.